A little while ago, I wrote a blog about Pedagogical Context Knowledge (PCK) and how lacking this is a huge fear of mine when going on prac. Well, let’s just say that this placement wasn’t any different. I was allocated many topics that I certainly had to research. But would I say this was a painstaking experience? Not exactly. In a way, I was relieved to be asked to teach this content because it meant that my PCK was expanded and it has given me a new foundation for future lessons that I may have to teach in relation to those topics.

I am forever grateful for ICTs during this process as they help to provide information in such a simple way! One of the topics I had to teach involved Aboriginal peoples contact with the Macassan traders, in History. Even though I used this video to help teach the key concepts of this to the students, I could definitely say that it had equal value to me. I learnt so much just from that snippet and then I was able to go away and research further using Google and the likes. I can definitely understand why teachers call Google their lifesaver!

– Kristie