It’s hard to believe that the semester is nearly over and our ICT course has come to a close. I have learnt a lot in this course (besides a large amount of acronyms) but there is one thing that stood out that I will take away with me…

ICTs enhance student learning, more so than just replacing traditional approaches to teaching.

Before starting this course, I mainly incorporated ICTs in lessons for simple reasons, such as using Notes on an iPad to collect data, instead of hand writing them. I thought that ICT use in the classroom was as simple as using an ICT medium instead of a ‘boring’ traditional one to teach students. Additionally, I thought that the Interactive Whiteboard was the latest and greatest technology to grace the classroom. Looking back at that now, many of my ideas have changed! I have learnt all about the benefits of so many different ICTs, with some of my favourites being class blogging, Skype, Google Docs, iPad apps such as Puppet Pals, and so many more.

Although following new and various frameworks takes a lot of getting used to, I certainly don’t think this will be the last time I will use the likes of RAT and TPACK!

– Kristie