If you ask me, Professional Experience put a whole new meaning to “ICTs engage students in their learning”. My mentor had given me the responsibility of teaching the Years 2/3 Maths unit on chance and data. The first step was to introduce chance language and have students grasping this terminology. This was way more difficult than I first imagined. Explaining why drawing a green marble from a bag with 5 other yellow marbles was “unlikely” but not “impossible” (like the students thought) was a challenge. Same sort of thing occurred when trying to explain that drawing a yellow marble was “very likely” but not “certain” (as the students were convinced).

To combat these misconceptions, I came across this online interactive game. The children absolutely loved it and found the visual representation of it really easy to understand. They loved how it provided the options to choose the chance of certain things drawn from the bag and they even cheer when they got an answer right! They thought they were playing a game when really, they were learning at the same time. That right there is a huge positive of ICTs! I noticed a big difference in their chance language knowledge afterwards and found that students would refer back to the game when justifying their reasons for other predictions of chance.

This really gave me a new appreciation for ICTs in the classroom. I would love to hear others’ success stories of integrating ICTs!