As all of my fellow EDC3100’ers know, at the end of each week on Professional Experience, we had to sit down with our mentors and complete an Interim Report about how we were tracking in terms of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. I found this process really beneficial as I felt like I was practising for my interview by justifying my reasons for why I felt I had or hadn’t yet reached each standard. It was really helpful to get my mentor’s opinion on this as well, as he notified me of areas I needed to improve on and I was able to work on this throughout the remainder of my prac.

I really enjoyed reading Amy’s blog about how she keeps tabs on what uni work aligns with the standards in a Word document! I admire her organisation and this has certainly given me a push to consider how I should do this too! My mentor showed me this self-assessment tool which helps you to determine where you are sitting with the standards. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to do this for myself but I think it would be an awesome reflective tool to use, particularly as the end of our degrees loom!

Check it out and let me know what you think 🙂

– Kristie