Logging into WordPress today has given me a sense of relief to see that it isn’t just me who is drowning in assignments after three wonderful (yet exhausting) weeks of prac. Rachel describes this as ‘a million and 10 things to do’ and I couldn’t agree more. While I always have good intentions to have assessment completed in advance, the full time uni life certainly tests you when you have other commitments as well.

After a quick Google search, I found an excellent document (found here) that provides 10 strategies for time management. The document mentions the use of a planning tool and writes how this assists in improving productivity, if used consistently. For me, my planning tool is my iPhone as it is nearly the only thing I have on hand majority of the time. Whenever I think of something I need to do, I add it to Notes.

I believe that the use of a planning tool will not only be advantageous as a uni student, but a teacher as well. My mentor on my previous Professional Experience placement used Sticky Notes on their computer to jot down things as a to-do list, as soon as the task was brought to their attention. I saw how effective this was and thought to myself – “yet another ICT used to increase efficiency of work!”  I am sure there are so many more ICT planning tools used in classrooms to help time-poor teachers get by! Do you know of any?

– Kristie