As I first familiarised myself with my Professional Experience context, I noticed that there were only half a dozen computers and 4-5 iPads, in addition to the Interactive Whiteboard, available within the classroom. Being a small school, this is definitely something that can be worked around considering the class consisted of 17 students, however there was a time there where I thought “but what if all students need to be completing the same task on the computers at the same time? Surely there’s no real way around that!” Well, I was wrong. One thing I really learnt during this placement was making the most of what you have. And in terms of ICTs, this is exactly what is done on a daily basis at the school.

My mentor has worked very hard and the class is now set in a routine for Literacy Groups that is scheduled twice a week. While one group engaged in Guided Reading, another would be completing their Soundwaves books. Then there were the ICT users logging on to Reading Eggs, whilst another group would watch a spelling video on the Interactive Whiteboard. Of course this followed with them all swapping after 45 minutes. I gained a lot out of simply seeing this rotational activity in action. The transitioning of this session alone was effective and the students were really engaged in the ICTs they were using because they were well aware of what they had to do.

I am now really interested to learn more about how schools make the most of their ICTs!

– Kristie