Today I met my mentor and the staff at the school I will be completing my Professional Experience placement. I am now even more excited to begin my prac and I definitely feel that I have a huge challenge ahead of me. I will be teaching in a small school where there are 33 students in total and the class I am in has students from Year 2-6!!! Yep that’s right, five grades in the one classroom. Although I was slightly made aware today, I am very intrigued about how this operates and how the teacher manages to cater for every individual in the classroom. Does ICT assist in this differentiation? I will keep you posted!

I was very relieved to hear that students are using educational ICTs in the classroom, including Studyladder and Reading Eggs. I have heard so much about these resources but have never had the opportunity to see these in use firsthand so I am definitely looking forward to this aspect of my placement aswell.

I am sure this is only the beginning of another huge learning curve! Looking forward to hearing about everyone else’s prac prep and experiences 🙂

– Kristie