After completing course content for nine weeks now, there is a message screaming at me loud and clear – ICTs must be integrated purposefully in the classroom. While I have already previously blogged about this, I feel the need to expand on it a little more. This has been at the back of my mind the whole time I have been working on the second assignment, however I still find myself guilty of incorporating ICTs for the simple purposes of research, typing up a document or presenting a powerpoint, due to my own experiences with technology in the classroom. Haylea emphasises this in her blog, found here, where she says that she also found herself forgetting to incorporate ICTs in her unit and when she decided to, initially it was a mere replacement for pen and paper, rather than a purposeful integration. I know how easy this is to do as I continue to forget that ICT can now replace, amplify and transform traditional learning experiences, of which very much differ to how I learnt at school.

During last week’s learning path, we were exposed to a table by Aditi Rao that explicitly describes key distinctions between using ICTs and purposefully incorporating ICTs. I have found this comparison extremely beneficial as I see this as the difference between how I learnt/how I picture ICTs in the classroom (Using ICTs) to how ICT SHOULD BE implemented in today’s classroom in a meaningful way (Technology Integration). It is obvious by looking at this table that technology integration has a lot more positive outcomes than simply using ICTs, and therefore I will definitely be using this as a point of reference throughout the completion of my unit plan!

– Kristie