While I work away on my unit plan, I continue to reflect on what I have done to ensure I complete the task effectively. Right now, my biggest concern is the summative assessment piece that students will work towards during my unit. The Week 8 learning path revealed that our assessment doesn’t need to include ICTs and for a minute there, I was quite enticed to just say “students will create a poster”. But it wasn’t until I got to the next page of the Moodle book that I realised there are so many more benefits to completing assessments using ICTs. A big one being that students are provided that extra challenge to showcase a variety of their abilities in the one assessment item. Providing an assessment task that is authentic can also be achieved using ICTs as the online environment opens up many possibilities for various different audiences, other than class members and school staff, and links the classroom to the real world. 

Due to the above, my focus for my summative assessment of the unit has now transferred to students using ICTs to produce something in a multimodal form in which they post up to the class blog where parents and other members of the community can view it. As the criteria I have chosen asks for students to respond to a communal issue, I think the need for online access is even more significant. This progression of ideas has just proven to me how important reflection is as a pre-service teacher. 

I find it astounding how ICTs are now used for assessment – both formative and summative. Here is a blog by a teacher who uses the app Plickers to complete formative assessment in her classroom. Take a read!

– Kristie