After my many panicked experiences of having limited knowledge on something that I have to teach on prac, I now know from our ICT course that this has a fancy name – Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK).

Before each prac placement, I have the fear of being asked to teach something that I have no idea about. It is not until I am reminded that we are only human and we shouldn’t be expected to know everything that I start to relax a little!

For our second assignment, I have chosen curriculum statements from the Geography KLA as I feel this is one area where I need to expand on my PCK! To give myself that extra challenge, I decided I would create my unit plan for Year 5 students, having little experience of teaching this year level.

My unit focus will be on natural disasters, particularly bushfires and/or floods! I am yet to whether my unit will have a broad focus on natural disasters or specifically concentrate on one particular type. I am going to see where my research skills and newly developed PCK take me! 🙂

Below are the content descriptors I am using for my unit:

– Geographical Knowledge and Understanding: The impact of bushfires or floods on environments and communities, and how people can respond (ACHHK046)

– Geographical Inquiry and Skills: Reflect on their learning to propose individual and collective action in response to a contemporary geographical challenge and describe the expected effects of their proposal on different groups of people (ACHGS039)

Happy assignmenting everyone!

– Kristie