Hi there everyone! Seems forever since I have last blogged thanks to other course assessments, work commitments and eating way too much chocolate over Easter. However, after reading Kelly’s blog about her teacher friends struggling to keep up with the substantial workload and demands that the teaching career involves, it seems I may have only had a small taste of what we are all in for as future teachers. In saying this, I came across a post by Noeni who raises a very valid point claiming that the advancement of technology should have decreased this issue, rather than added to it. She asks the question – “hasn’t technology made the teaching profession easier?”

For me, I find this question really hard to answer. 1) Because of the obvious reason, I am yet to experience the life of a registered teacher immersed in a technological classroom and 2) To properly answer this question from my pre-service teacher current perspective would not be a simple yes or no answer.

It is undeniable that technology has changed the way we live and communicate so of course this is going to take effect in the classroom as well. The in’s and out’s of the latest technologies and how these can be incorporated (purposefully) in the classroom can be an issue for people like me who are yet to discover common modern ICTs such as the Interactive Whiteboard. Some teachers have been in the profession before the first computer was released. For these teachers, the teaching profession has become harder because there is so much to learn to keep up with the modern technological world.

Having said that, when we are eager to learn about implementing ICTs in our classrooms, there is definitely some reprieve. From my previous experiences, it is obvious that students enjoy using technology in the classroom because it is engaging, and the teacher isn’t forever having to find new ways to stimulate interest of students because of the technology available comprising of many ways to do this. Additionally, ICTs are largely beneficial in providing teacher and student resources. Sites like Scootle help to make a teacher’s life so much easier because the lesson material is only a click away. Videos that link to curriculum outcomes are available, as are learning objects for students to get involved in. Documents such as C2C are accessible online and can provide a foundation for teachers to build on for their lessons, easing the thought processes of devising quality learning opportunities.

From my point of view, technology has not necessarily made the teaching profession easier for all as it can come with the negative implications such as lack of pedagogical confidence and perhaps even a concern for less desire to perform written tasks. However, there are also many positives as well! Consider me a half-half advocate for the time being. This blog by Mary Hertz opens up a whole new perspective about the influence of ICTs on the life of a teacher! Let me know your thoughts 🙂

– Kristie