Whilst working away at my web-based artefact, I have learnt so much about technology that I didn’t even know existed, let alone how it is used in the classroom! I have been particularly interested in how other teachers use iPads in the classroom that I have decided to write a very quick blog to share one particular method I found very intriguing! 

I came across this YouTube clip which was produced by a Year 1 teacher who heavily integrates iPads in his classroom. What I found exceptionally amazing was how he uses the iPads to establish routines and get the students on task. He did this by projecting a QR code using a Smartboard and the students were to use their iPads to scan the code. This revealed an instruction on their iPad which indicated what they were required to do next. I thought this was super effective as the students know what to do right away without having to be told. The video showed the students so engaged with the technology that they didn’t even realise they are learning! I take my hat off to this teacher as I think this is a very efficient classroom strategy for 21st century learners – I suggest you check it out! 

Learning about ways of teaching with technology such as this one makes me realise that there is so much out there and I cannot wait to learn more so that I can implement some of these strategies in a classroom of my own one day! 🙂 

– Kristie