I cannot believe it is already Week 3. The 30th of March is only just around the corner and soon I will be submitting my first assignment for Semester 1. After first coming across the Toolbelt Theory in Week 1, I thought I would use the TEST Framework associated with this to help prepare for Assignment 1. Here it is!

TASK: To create a web-based artefact that will provide three strong reasons for ICT integration in the classroom. The whole idea of this assessment is to convince parents within the hypothetical context I have chosen that integration of technology is effective and will provide benefit to their children. Examples of how this is done of which can be validated by research should be incorporated in order to better support my given reasons.

ENVIRONMENT: This assignment will be created using my Windows 8 laptop with basic software such as Microsoft Office and Movie Maker. I have a relatively fast broadband connection.

SKILLS: I have general skills when it comes to technology. Previously, I have produced websites, videos and PowerPoint presentations. I struggle when it comes to incorporating interactive features and tools that involve high technical ability. I enjoy experimenting with design elements so that the content is balanced correctly and visual features are aesthetically pleasing.

TOOLS: There are so many tools available nowadays that could be used for this assignment, and so many that I am unaware of. Those I am considering using include Wix, Weebly, Prezi, PowerPoint, Movie Maker, YouTube, Vimeo, xtranormal or animoto.

My next step in planning for Assignment 1 is going to be appropriately matching the tools I have listed above to deconstructed task components. While the tools I use will generally depend on my skill set, I plan to challenge myself with at least one new tool I have never used before to expand my abilities with technology. After all, as teachers we want our students to aspire to be constantly learning and in order to do this, we must be lifelong learners who demonstrate this ourselves!

Stay tuned for further progress on my artefact production!

– Kristie