This week’s learning path lead us to the The Decoding Report, which can be found here. Francesca, a fellow student, blogged about her interpretations of this report and related it back to her learning journey in EDC3100. You can read this here. This inspired me to attempt summarising the 8 themes exposed within the report to provide self-explanation of how this framework on learning through technology is evident within my life, particularly as a uni student and pre-service teacher.

Learning from the experts: Like Francesca, I attend university where all of my lecturers are experts of relevant course material and therefore convey information in a meaningful way using technology such as digital projectors and microphones. My manager at work outlays scaffolded information about policies and frameworks that our industry must follow, as well as general instruction to employees like me through ICTs (particularly email and text). On professional experience, I gain valuable information from my mentor who assists me to condense and apply online documents such as c2c.

Learning from others: University provides the opportunity to interact and share ideas with others in tutorials on-campus and blogs are online for me to access and learn from when I get home.

Learning through making: Assignment 1 criteria for EDC3100 is flexible in order for us to be at the centre of our learning whilst creating our very own web-based artefact. Other university courses this semester also expect us to produce a multi-modal presentation to present ideas as part of our assessment.

Learning through exploring: I do this every day. Whenever I am unsure of something, I do a Google search. If I am uncertain of something within a course, I access materials on Study Desk and if I cannot find an answer to my problem there, I search within the forum.

Learning through inquiry: Continuously throughout my degree, I am required to creatively produce teaching and learning episodes of which relate to real-life school settings. These are frequently communicated and executed using digital technologies.

Learning through practising: I am constantly practising my touch typing skills and use of common software such as Microsoft Office due to university requirements.

Learning through assessment: EDC3100 in particular formatively assesses my learning using technology through this learning journal and each week’s learning paths which include quizzes and activities.

Learning in and across settings: The use of my iPad allows me to transfer my learning from university to home due to its portability. On professional experience placements, valuable data can be stored on a USB device, which provides the convenience of being able to access resources and plan lessons at home. Collectively, this learning contributes to my teaching strategies repertoire, which will provide benefit to my very own classroom context after my degree.