Since writing last, I came across Chloe’s blog which inspired me to further consider my confidence, ability and experience with ICTs. I could relate a lot to this blog as I also find myself holding back from using technology on Professional Experience because I feel I simply do not know enough. I mean, who wants to get up in front of a class of students who could all most likely teach you a thing or two about the technology you are using, while you are using it to teach them? Not I.

I was taken back to the article posted in this week’s learning path that focussed around the teacher who taught himself how to use technology rather than awaiting Professional Development to do so. After reading this I thought, “well maybe this is what I have to do”. I should no longer wait for technological skills to fall in my lap or for my mentor to suggest a certain incorporation of ICT, I need to take the plunge and figure this out for myself.

After a quick Google search, I found a great article (found here) which included many different ICTs that can be used to increase my flexibility with using technology, particularly in the classroom. From the ICTs suggested in the article, I have chosen two that I would like to attempt during Professional Experience, or by the end of my degree at the very least. These include:

  1. A PowerPoint Game Show Review. Children love any opportunity they can get to play a game! By using this as a review tool for important material and adjusting it to suit a game they are familiar with, I believe student learning experiences will be very much enhanced.
  2. Create a class webpage. I feel this would be a great way to engage students in routines, communicate important notices and stimulate student interest in belonging to the classroom environment.

To see whether I make it to the finish-line with the above, watch this space! 🙂

– Kristie